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Unify 2022 Foundational Scripture

Romans 12:1 TPT Beloved friends, what should be our proper response to God’s marvelous mercies? To surrender yourselves to God to be his sacred, living sacrifices. And live in holiness, experiencing all that delights his heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of worship.

Cost: Adults: $40 in advance, $50 at the door Children: $20

• All ages: Group rates are available for teams and siblings
• Special Rates available for Eagles and TEN (counts toward module
credit for TEN WW students).

*Contact Apostle Katrina for the discount code.

Greetings In the name of our Lord!
Thank you for your participation in UNIFY! This is worship intensive is
designed to be an experience for worshipers to connect, be activated, and
empowered to impact our region.

We are so excited that you will be with us for a power- packed weekend of
worship! We are returning to the altar. During a time where social media
and the number of views associated with such is so prevalent, we must be
intentional about seeking the face of the Lord at the altar.

This weekend will be filled with encounters at the altar with our dynamic
team of instructors. Our intensive sessions include dance, mime,
leadership training, and new this year is our Prophetic Kidz! Learning track
for children ages potty-trained to 12 years old.

The Spirit of the Lord is speaking and looking for those who will serve in
radical obedience. Those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John
4:24KJV). He is seeking for those who will pursue His presence over the
platform, while establishing His Kingdom in the earth.

“He will go before the Lord as a forerunner, with the same power and
anointing as Elijah the prophet. He will be instrumental in turning the
hearts of the fathers in tenderness back to their children and the hearts of
the disobedient back to the wisdom of their righteous fathers. And he will
prepare a united people who are ready for the Lord’s appearing.” – Luke
1:17 TPT

There is a new move of God upon us. May the ministers of movement lead
the way!

Grace and Peace!
Apostle Katrina R. Carter, Founder
Heavenly Dove Ministries

Glory Encounter!- Friday June 10th, 2022
Time: 7pm-9pm

Prophetic Psalmist: Prophetess Rachel “Rai” Wynn Cincinnati,
Join us as we worship until we see the manifest glory of God. We are
expecting an encounter with the Lord. We will also have our Prophetic
Team available to serve through personal prophecy and prayer. Be
prepared for a mighty move of God!

Worship Arts Intensive Sessions- Saturday, June 11th , 2022
Time: 9am-4pm

Classes and Instructors

Dances of the Supernatural /Prophetic Dance-
Host and Instructor: Apostle Katrina R, Carter
During this class attendees will discover what happens when we spend time at the altar-we ascend to descend in power! Attendees will be activated to release Dances of the Supernatural.


Governmental Worship
Instructor: Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy, Dallas, TX 
During this session we will delve into what is governmental worship and how to appropriate the keys of the Kingdom in the earth through our praise. We will also experience a prophetic encounter at the altar through dance and activation.


Building Altars of Glory
Instructor: Apostle Jesse Griffin, Youngstown, OH
During this session attendees will receive revelation on the importance and building worship altars, and how we are to establish the sovereign rule of God in the earth by being a dwelling place for the Lord. This is a word class designed for leaders, and emerging leaders.


Mime: True Mime
Instructor: Teacher HK Wilson, Chicago, IL
During this ground- breaking session mime ministers will be taught the true meaning and appropriateness of the ministry of Mime in the Church. Ministers will be activated to tell Biblical stories and express messages from God through silent worship from the altar.


Prophetic Psalm: Sounds of Heaven
Instructor: Psalmist Rachel Wynn, Cincinnati, OH 
During this class attendees will be taught the importance of daily worshiping in the presence of the Lord, keys to hearing God's voice, ​and releasing sound/ song from the place of revelation at the altar. Attendees will be activated to prophesy through song.

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Prophetic Creatives and Prophetic Creatives KIDZ Edition!
Instructor: Prophet Destiny “Dezzy Ray” Turner, Racine WI
During this class attendees will be taught the importance of hearing from God and seeing through the lens of God. Attendees will be able to create a prophetic art piece to keep as their very own! During the children’s track, children will be empowered to hear God and creation their level! They too will be able to take home a prophetic creation of their very own.


Flags: Raising the Standard
Instructor: Prophet Jacquline Johnson, Cincinnati OH
During this class attendees will learn the biblical usage of flags. They will also learn how to decree with flags, and will be empowered with technique on how to minister in movement with flags.  


Prophetic KIDZ! (Children’s Track for ages potty-trained- 12 years old )Instructor: Prophet Michelle Coleman, Cincinnati, OH and Team 
During the Prophetic Kidz Track Children will taught and activated to hear God on their level. The children’s track is a safe place designed for children to explore worship and the prophetic. Their day is packed with arts and crafts, bible study, prophetic creatives, dance and more…


Dances of Freedom

Attached is the choreography for the Dances of Freedom Juneteenth celebration.
"Wade In The Water" -The Spirituals


Worship Celebration and Worship at the River –
Sunday,June 12th , 2022

ALL attendees are invited to join us for worship at Tried Stone New Beginning
Church at 10:30am


Tryed Stone New Beginning Church
5550 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Services Begin at 10:30am

*Ministers of Movement to arrive at 9:30 am

Following service, we will have lunch then minster in the Dances of Freedom
Celebration at the Banks of Cincinnati.
This special occasion is in conjunction with the Juneteenth celebrations for
Cincinnati, OH offered by Arts Wave Cincinnati. Worshipers will wear all white
and be recorded ministering dances of Freedom which will be aired live on news
stations throughout Cincinnati.

*Choreography and instructions for the Dances of Freedom Encounter will
be sent out to registered ministers of movement before the Worship
Intensive weekend.

Hotel Information

Hilton Garden Inn Cincinnati/Sharonville

Address: 11149 Dowlin Dr, Sharonville, OH 45241


Hyatt Place Cincinnati / Sharonville Convention Center

Address: 11345 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246

Unify 2018

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