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Repentance is necessary!

I am hearing a call to true order!

God is purifying the Church. Things that have nothing to do with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the name of Jesus being exalted have crept in.

He is raising a remnant who will restore focus to the mandate of the Great Commission. We are to do what Jesus did— and it doesn’t require a flyer, an attention seeking announcement, nor another false movement built on false motives.

This remnant will be marked by a refined character that shows that they have been proven and have endured the refiner’s fire. Their shine comes from the burn, causing them to shine and burn differently.

I hear a simple instruction and call…

Be the Church. Not only on Sunday. Not when it looks good. Not only on the on the mic or on camera.

Be the living epistle of the work of the cross. Be the Bride. Be the Light. Be the manifestations of the Sons of God!

Repentance is necessary. It’s beyond time to shift into the Kingdom…

- Apostle Katrina R. Carter

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