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United Apostles Alliance

Ohio Apostles United Network group seeks to serve as a support community for fellow Apostles, by implementing the power of Covenantal Agreement. Our heart is to provide a safe place for Apostles to be encouraged, loved, and cared for while serving in the field. Together, we will change the narrative of the works of Darkness by implementing Kingdom Unity. We will do this by collaborating toward establishing the sovereign rulership and dominion of God in the earth. We must Partner up to Power up. As we Power Up we will Advance-for the Kingdom! 

Candy Cotton

Our Vision and Purpose


For women Apostles (and eventually Prophets) to gather, connect, and serve together so that we all may grow forward together in Unity.


To serve as a collective unified force by providing support through contributing our varied gifts and connecting our spheres of Authority.

Meet The Team

Our Affiliates

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