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Unify 2018

Unify 2018 was EPIC. Experiencing God's supernatural move on all 3 days and to see people become healed, freed and delivered was amazing! Just to see the vision of Apostle Katrina R. Carter, FOUNDER AND VISIONARY OF HEAVENLY DOVE MINISTRIES be made manifested far beyond what the expectations were, is breathtaking.

Prophetess Doneta Dawson and her team took us in Friday night, June 15th and special guest Dr. Apostle Pamela Hardy, founder of Eagles International Training Institute set the atmosphere for the entire weekend. Saturday day, June 16th, it was evident that chains were broken and veils were stripped off of the eyes. People were free to worship as a UNIT as ONE. We are thankful for all of the dynamic speakers Apostle Katrina R. Carter, Dr. Apostle Pamela Hardy, Diane Ransom, and Apostle Camlyn Leander for their wisdom. That evening, the Heavenly Dove team and others had a night of fellowship and to top it off, Sunday June 17th there was a unity service sealing the weekend.

Apostle Katrina wants to say

"Thank you to all who supported and participated in Unify 2018! We love you so much! Dr. Pamela Hardy has been a true joy and blessing this weekend. Doneta Dawson your anointing is so powerful! I love you. I decree upon Cincinnati, Restoration is at hand. #UNIFY2018"

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